Tom Adams introduced our speaker, Rotarian Emory Morsberger, who spoke about his recent trip and efforts to help Ukraine.

Emory began his remarks by passing around a piece of shrapnel he had picked up off the ground in Ukraine and remarked what this could do to the human body and the urgent need for medical supplies. He stated several times that for him and many others in the Atlanta Rotarian community, it was not enough to simply write a check to help.

Emory Morsberger wanted to do something more than writing a check for Ukraine and so he got involved. He was asked to accompany a shipment of $500K of hospital supplies being assembled by Rotary Clubs of Atlanta in Tucker, Ga at the FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) facility. FODAC arranged shipment to Ukraine. Thirty-seven pallets of supplies made its way to Munich, then Romania, and finally to Ukraine.

The need for help is enormous. With a population of 41 million in Ukraine, Emory described how 4 million have been forced out of the country and another 4 million has been forced to relocate.

While there he met Olha Palychuk who he described as the Florence Nightingale of Ukraine who was tirelessly coordinating medical supplies from Rotary with hospitals around Ukraine. Amazingly, there are 65 active Rotary clubs in Ukraine and at each place he visited, he was greeted by an enthusiastic Rotarian who made him feel welcome and safe. Donations can be made to


Tom Adams, Emory Morsberger (In the clothes that he wore in the Ukraine) and Rotary President Alan Yorker.
A few of the banners from Rotary clubs that welcomed Emory and made him feel right at home in the Ukraine and surrounding countries.
Tom Adams, Emory Morsberger, President Yorker and Doug Robinson kick off the meeting.
Emory is greeted by a fellow Rotarian as he delivers sugical supplies to a hospital in the Ukraine.