Our Decatur High School Interact Club held their first meeting of the 2022/23 school year on 9/6/2022.  
Their newly elected President this year is Eryna Faruta.  She reviewed the projects the club did last year and showed some photos from those projects.  She then had each officer tell the club their favorite service project from last year.  A few of the members listed the Yuda Band bracelets fundraiser as their favorite project from last year.  This month’s service project for the Decatur High School Interact club is September 25, 2022 from 3pm to 5pm at Woodlands Garden where they will be helping to clear the paths at the park.  Our very own John Bennett attended the first Interact Club meeting spoke about the Rotary Exchange program and handed out flyers.  He also informed the students we are still looking for host families too.   The students had a bunch of questions for John and then the meeting adjourned.   The Decatur High School Interact club will have their next general club meeting on 9/27/22 in Vanessa Layne’s room at Decatur High School room 3012.